Today, BradGirl is buying makeup. Fake or film introduced us to more bad sports movies. Then, Alex and BradGirl played prediction Friday and Alex did a terrible rap (probably the worst of the year). Enjoy!

Today, Bradgirl stops by and hears about Intern Alex’s new ranch award for great fast food. Then, Fake or Film Fred presents his game and introduces us to Kickle: The Soccer Playing Pickle. Bradgirl doesn’t do laundry…neither does Brad. Then, Alex invents the grafeetee…the spray painting shoes. Enjoy!

Today, BradGirl stopped by to beat Alex at a new game based on the google prediction bar. Alex rapped up the week in news by talking about being a beyonce impersonator and how Brad skips out on Running of the Chihuahuas every year. Alex is going to carry ranch dressing around all day at running of the chihuahuas. Alex is not a furry. Enjoy!

Today, Morgan Freeman introduced us to the word of day. Brad and Alex argue about his new greatest invention the “row tow”. Brad played the ukulele. Alex thinks Running of The Chihuahuas is going to get rained out. It’s world tuna day. Enjoy!