Today, Alex and Brad discuss clipping nails in public. Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx call it quits and IT’S ALL BRADS FAULT. Then, Fake or Film Fred introduces us to drumkin the drumming pumpkin. Then, Alex glues his pants to his body with his latest invention. Enjoy!

Today, Brad is upset that Alex is watching an MMA fight at his house and not inviting him (even though Brad wouldn’t show up anyway), Alex wants to glue your pants to your body so your butt doesn’t hang out, Amazon Andy has some real and fake Amazon items, Brad recounts the story of a woman stuffing an alligator in her yoga pants. Enjoy! Get Ready for the Weekend!

Today, Snapchat is selling crappy sunglasses and it’s all brads fault. Fake or Film Fred has some bad band movies for Music Midtown tickets. Intern Alex tries Creamsicles with ranch to see if they taste better. Brad smells like Garlic and he’s starting to emit strange odors at his old age. Enjoy! Ready for the weekend?

Today, Brad thinks that he is a switch hitter and is ambidextrous (he’s not). Then, Indie Band Ivan played some Indie band or not. Everybody Blames Brad for Fast and Furious. Brad hates birthday small talk. Then it’s time for Crankles the ankle lifts.