Brad and Alex discuss the romantic qualities of Dave and Buster’s. Daily stops by to give us insight into the human mind. Dancing Darrell gives out some DNCE Tickets. Alex makes a food tray dissolve.

BradGirl is mad at us
BradGuy gives advice
We break news about chicken restaurants
We give away DNCE tickets with Dancing Darrell
We live the Good Life with Crabtree Farms

Today, Brad yells about not having a menu item at Bitter Alibi (again), we replayed BradGirl at the Movies, Brad asked MattySku and Intern Alex a big question, Predators tickets were up for grabs during the worst game in the history of radio, and another Intern Alex invention goes swimming in the SkuTank.

Happy Mondeee! Heroin and Prostitution!!
Brad asks a big question: Have you ever been used?
We give away Nashville Predators tickets with a brand new character.
Bradgirl on the Big Screen with more movie reviews.

Today Brad and Alex talk about Burger and Beer Bars. Brad tries to get Alex in trouble with people he cares about. Indie Band Ivan gave away some Bonnaroo passes. Alex thinks Obama was a dog napper.

Today we introduced Chattanooga to it’s most amazing citizen….Daley. He stars in a brand new segment…the Weekly Daley.

Plus a new Intern Alex Invention, we give away Bonnaroo tickets,

Today we talk Bonnaroo, make some plans for the weekend, talk to BradGuy, and Intern Alex relives his favorite moment from Dirty Dancing.

Today we check in with BradGirl at the movies, Walk the red carpet with Mr Catwell, go swimming in the SkuTank with Matt Skudlarek (825 Houston Street) and refuse to allow bradguy into our homes….