On a very special edition of today’s UDH – we explore the night that our old pal Daily got arrested….

Plus, another Intern Alex Invention, Indie Band Ivan stops by, and so much more. Grab a friend by the hand….hold them tight….and listen together as we heal as a community.

Today we try to push Intern Alex off the show….
Brad asks a Big Question
Indie Band Ivan gives away some Okeechobee Festival Tickets
Our old pal Daily has been texting Brad…plus, he espouses wisdom during “The Weekly Daily”
AND Intern Alex has a brand new invention!

Today, Alex seems to think he has caught Brad red handed in SockGate 2017.

Plus, we make some weekend plans that turn into Alex singing the Love Boat theme song, Indie Band Ivan stops by to give out some Okeechobee Music Festival tickets, Brad asks a Big Question to Alex and BradGirl, and our old buddy BradGuy is back giving you advice!

MattySku gets confronted about his atrocious behavior at Brad’s Super Bowl Party…
We replay BradGirl at the Movies
We play Indie Band Or Not with Indie Band Ivan
And we go swimming in the SkuTank and see if Intern Alex’s latest invention gets funded by MattySku.

Today we talk about:
our Super Bowl party and the mess that MattySku and his girlfriend made on Brad’s white couch
We talk to Indieband Ivan who has Okeechobee Tickets to give away
We talk about the US Soccer game at Finley
And we get some movie reviews from our esteemed movie-critic BradGirl.

Brad and Alex discuss how bad Alex is at radio. Tickets are given out. Daily blesses us with wisdom, and Alex levies a serious accusation towards a famous forecasting groundhog.

Today we talk football…american football and european football with the Chattanooga Football Club…plus a special chat with LUKAS GRAHAM!

Today we talk SCAMS, Brad asks a big question, NEWS THAT WILL SHOCK YOU returns, and we go swimming in the SkuTank with Intern Alex’s latest invention…

PLUS – an exclusive Off The Air Conversation only available here.

Today Alex fawns over shirtless Joe Jonas
We give away some DNCE tickets with Dancing Darrell
We read a incoherent text thread with our buddy Daily
Talk about Trumps first 10 days in office
and Brad asks a big question.

Today Brad accuses Intern Alex of being angry….we check in with our new buddy, Daily…Dancing Darrell returns….News That Will Shock You is back…and the Week In Review Freestyle Rap starts off our weekend festivities.