Today, we learned Brad is getting sick. Daily is getting lonely. Alex and Brad are getting down to really, really bad music. We also discovered Drumming Donnie and gave away Ed Sheeran Tickets. Alex also invented Tatooze. Oozing Tattoos. So, yeah. That’s what we did.

Today we talk local elections….read texts from the man who placed 5th in the mayors race – Daily….we make plans for the weekend with the Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union and BradGuy stops by with advice!

Another round of the Weekly Daily….A Week In Review Freestyle Rap with Intern Alex…Brad asks a big question….and ALEX STEALS CHILDREN.

A HUGE Thursday – Texts from Daily + the Weekly Daily (inspiration from the man himself) with Intern Alex inventions and Intern Alex TRIGGERED.

Today – from the underground severe weather bunker – we talk to BradGuy, make some weekend plans (Alex gets fancy), an off-the-air conversation with MattySku and we ask a big question. Is it safe to come up yet?

February 28th on Brad’s Unpredictable Drive Home was heavy on the Sku. We reviewed red carpet fashion with Mr. Catwell. We talked Movies with Matt (as BradGirl was still hungover), and we introduced Draw Paws into the SkuTank. So sit back and relax this new Brad of Media!

Today on the UDH – Alex does a porno…We get life advice from BradGuy….we talk about MattySku doing stand-up at an open mic night this Thursday…and we read text messages from our old pal Daily.

Today on a GIANT Unpredictable Drive Home:

Our version of The Match Game with MattySku and Bradgirl
Intern Alex’s latest invention goes swimming in the SkuTank
AND – MattySku and Intern Alex are going to do some open mic stand up comedy…..

Today we ask who is the celebrity you find attractive that no one else does….
We play Bet On Bradgirl….we think…
BradGirl goes to the Movies…
and so much more…

Lets hold hand and listen together team!

Big Friday edition of the UDH today…

Brad plays a brand new instrument – the Wood Guiro!
Bradgirl stops by to play Bet On BradGirl
We check in on our pal Daily and his trip to jail
And the Week in Review Freestyle Rap wraps up our week….