Today Brad asks a BIG question to Bradgirl and Intern Alex…plus, we make some weekend plans and get very important life advice from the guy who’s always there to help his fellow man…BradGuy!

An absolutely packed afternoon program today…

Handsy Hank and Drumming Donnie reunite for Ed Sheeran tickets!
We see if Intern Alex’s latest invention will swim in the SkuTank..
An exclusive off-the-air conversation with Intern Alex and MattySku that didn’t make the radio…
BradGirl goes to the movies
and BradGuy asks a BIG question…


Today Brad asks Bradgirl a big question – Intern Alex has a new character to debut for Ed Sheeran Tickets – The NCAA Talks Dirty – We read some Texts from Daily and a special Off The Air Conversation with Intern Alex!

On the Thursdeee show we talk to the smartest man in Chattanooga, Daily. Plus, Drumming Donnie is still alive and providing sweet drumming sounds for Ed Sheeran tickets…and the latest Intern Alex invention/failure. GO!

On National Poetry Day we write Haiku’s about each other…..We take a very choppy swim in the SkuTank today with Intern Alex’s latest invention….BradGirl goes to the movies…plus she is REAALLLYY angry with BradGuy….A BIG show and it won’t cost you an extra $.50 like Avacodo cream at Bitter Alibi.

Today we celebrate Bradgirls birthday with a special BG Freestyle rap….she gives us some more movie reviews…we play Bet On A Brad….and Brad asks a Big Question. Whew….way too heavy on the brad’s today.

Today, Intern Alex bellydances, we talk March Madness, we read the latest texts from Daily, and BradGuy is here to give us advice on life – get it hot because this is the last show before vacation!

Today – Drumming Donnie has brought a friend along, Handsy Hank, to play some Ed Sheeran songs….we jump in the SkuTank with MattySku to see if Intern Alex’s latest invention has what it takes to succeed on the open market….we watch some more movies with BradGirl….and Brad Asks A Big Question.

Brad asks a Big Question
We talk NCAA Tourney and challenge you to do a bracket
Drumming Donnie stops by to give away Ed Sheeran tickets
and BradGirl goes to the movies!

On the Friday March 10th, 2017 edition of the unpredictable drive home. Alex tries to get Brad “hyped” as he battles through a bout of the flu. Alex is (not) in a twitter feud with Matty Sku. Drummin’ Donnie (or Drummin’ Dummy as Brad calls him) plays the Bongos for Ed Sheeran tickets. Daily delivers his weekly wisdom. Alex badly “raps” his way through another terrible week in review freestyle rap. 6/10 Hits 96 humor.