Today, Brad and Alex argue about the blinds again. Hurricane Linda still hasn’t stopped by. BradKid was really into 1990’s pro wrestling. Brad is blamed for not making Alex a million dollars. Then, Alex invented a guitar that serves you booze

Today, Brad gets upset at Alex for not eating pizza with him. It’s Brad’s fault someone is accusing Lizzo of lifting their song. BradKid claimed to be a wrestler when he was 9. Then, Alex put Pumpkin Pie to the test with ranch dressing.

Today, R-Patz is playing Batman and it’s all Brad’s fault. We continue to step into the mind of 9 year old Brad Steiner. Brad got Ron Bennington to say his name. Then, Alex reminded us of his awful kite invention from last week.

Today we discovered Brad had some strange ideas at 5 years old. Alex loves Allens green beans. Yep, that’s what we did today. Enjoy it! Also: El Camino was not a necessary film. Thanks!

Today, Alex blames Brad for marijuana candy. Bet on Brad featuring horror villians. Then, Alex barely rapped…but he respects the swole game. Enjoy!

Today, Brad and Alex revisit the candy corn controversy of 2019 and defended the least popular halloween candy of the year. Then, Alex blamed Brad for vegans calling the cops after Brad did (basically) the same thing to his friend years ago. Then, Small Town Stan sang about a lot of his illegal activities in a small town. Finally, Alex taped some razor blades to kites for his latest invention “The Fight Kite”. Bingo Bango. Ready for the weekend?

Today, Alex and Brad talk about who they would sit by in an Ellen/George W. situation. Then, Brad signed Alex up for a cow magazine. Then, it was time to pour ranch on candy corn and “peanut butter kisses”.

Today, Alex told Brad about perogies. Then, Alex brought Fake or Film Fred to give some rockin’ movies to the people. Brad found a butt mask. Then, Alex invented the invention he had already invented: The Flask Mask. Also: Brad doesn’t order Domino’s Pizza.

Today, Alex and Brad discuss the new whiskey tide pods, new Tang beer (it’s all Brad’s fault, Trailer Tom plays a game with 80’s movie trailers, and then The Weekly Daily returns for one more round of Daily’s voicemails.

Today, Alex blames Brad for Bieber. Angry Bitter Spider-Man is fat, drunk, and stupid. Then, Alex “rapped” his way through the news about Trump, Baseball, and Bieber (again)