Today, Brad hates that Christmas music is already playing. Then, Alex blames Brad for Riverbend ditching it’s iconic barge. In news that will shock you: smoking makes you look older. Alex missed an invention of getting rid of blind spots in cars with projectors. Mink Wartindale can’t read his stupid game show Quiz Pro Quo

Today, Brad gets mad at Alex for skipping out on his halloween party. Then, Alex blames Brad for some guy getting marijuana stuck up his nose. Demonic Danny stops by for some Scaryoke, Then, Alex puts a piano in a tree for his invention of the week. Enjoy! Happy Halloween!

Today, Brad admits to being a rotten vandal back in his youth. Then, Alex blames him for Nikki’s drive-in closing down. Mink Wartindale brings us another edition of quiz pro quo. Then, it’s time to put ranch on a random food. Today it was a donut with pink icing and sprinkles. Enjoy! Get Ready For The Weekend! Keep Ranchin’!

Today, it’s national cat day and Brad carved a pumpkin for the first time ever. Mink Wartendale presented Quiz Pro Quo. Alex blames Brad for the fear of thirdhand smoke. Alex reintroduced us to the Roll Goal. Enjoy!

Today, Brad and Alex talk about cool topics like Crispin Glover and Bob Vila. Then, Brad says you shouldn’t mess with the plush animals at Target. Alex loses another millennial family feud to Kelsey. It was a lot of fun. Get ready for the weekend.

Today, Alex and Brad talk about tossing some pizza dough. Felicity Huffman is on the loose and it’s all brad’s fault. Indie Band Ivan named a bunch of old pro wrestlers in a game for Jonas Tix…and he loves CCR. Plus, Alex alerted us to the fact that Kanye West has a cell phone.

Today, Brad was to blame for all the car trouble in the world. Brad knows famous Kevin, Nick, and Joes. Nobody knows which fat kid is from which movie. Alex also invented a spinning basketball goal.

Today, Alex discusses how he was the best man in a wedding and didn’t give a toast. Alex blames Brad for miniature pig cafes. Then, in a BradKid Quiz, we learn that Brad wanted to sit and watch tv at 19 years old. Finally, Bryan Stone shows up to beat Alex at Millennial Family Feud. Enjoy! Get Ready for the Weekend!

Today, Alex is scared to meet Linda because she’s his Billy Joel. BradKid is still obsessed with wrestling. Alex raps about his dislike of Friends, and blames Brad for Stephen Colbert’s success.