Today, Brad told us about his trip to the burlesque show. Then, Mink Wartindale told us about a bad game called quiz pro quo. Alex blamed Brad for breaking up the Chuck E. Cheez band. Finally, Alex agreed to date anybody during Brad’s big question. Enjoy! Get Ready For The Weekend!

Today, Alex blames Brad for getting 90210 canceled. Brad wonders if you should tell someone that you can see through their yoga pants. Mink Wartindale is back for another round of quiz pro quo. Then, Alex “raps” his way through a week of news. It’s all an effort to get ready for the weekend. Are you ready for the weekend?

Today, Brad doesn’t want Alex to be his nurse. Mink Wartindale played another edition of quiz pro quo where the contestant won easily. Brad wonders what age is the perfect age to be famous. Then, Alex makes your pants heat up with his latest invention. Enjoy! Get Ready For The Weekend!

Today, Brad saw a sign and it opened up his eyes. Brad asks a big question. Alex blames Brad for getting something else canceled. Then, Alex eats mashed potatoes…in a unpredictable drive home FIRST in “Does it Taste Better with Ranch?”

Today, Alex wore funny glasses with his funny hat. Brad got Days of our Lives canned because he loves Young and The Restless. Mink Wartindale says “Goodnight and Goodluck”. Then, Alex reminded us of his oven gloves.

Today, Alex blames Brad for the toy hall of fame. Mink Wartindale thought he was the guy from supermarket sweep. Then, Alex had the worst rap of the year…it wasn’t even close. He’s not ready for the weekend…are you?

Today, Alex wore a black baseball cap and threw off the entire balance of the universe. Then, they’re baking cookies in space thanks to Brad. Mink Wartindale stopped by for another edition of quiz pro quo. Alex invented Glovens…gloves that can really cook! Enjoy! Get Ready For The Weekend!

Today, Alex found out how Elvis died and he doesn’t believe it. Mink Wartindale played Quiz Pro Quo and Alex ate ranch on top of jellied cranberry sauce. Enjoy!

Brad is mad that we’re getting another burger restaurant. Mink Wartindale can’t get a game of quiz pro quo off the ground. Alex gave away 1,000 hours of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Alex blames Brad for Emma Watson’s “Self-Partnering”. Then, we rerun the invention where Alex jams a piano in a tree.