Today, Riverbend dropped a new lineup. Brad still loves gazpacho. Alex raps to Bo Bice. It’s Brad’s fault people are selling bananas for $120,000. Enjoy! Get Ready For The Weekend!

On this edition of the udh: Brad accuses Alex of not doing laundry, Willie Nelson stops smoking jazz cabbage, Indie Band Ivan knows old David Letterman sketches, Alex didn’t invent the edible coffee cup, but he did invent tandages “the tanning bandage”…bingo bango cash or credit?

In this full throttled edition of the unpredictable drive home: Brad swears he made someone a gift once, Brad gets blamed for exit 111 fest getting canceled, Fake or Film Fred has another new catch phrase “take two *clap *clap”, then Alex straps a fanny pack to your chin and calls it a new invention. Enjoy. Get ready for the weekend!

On this remarkable edition of the unpredictable drive home: Brad makes fun of Alex for having the Subway Sandwich app, Alex blames Brad for Jenny McCarthy not hosting New Year’s Rockin Eve. Fake or Film Fred plays his game for bonnaroo tickets, then Alex misses a big invention that involves ranch dressing and christmas stockings.

Today, Brad talks about Tony San Antonio doing his famous Mrs. Garbage Can bit. Then, Alex blames Brad for Pepsi Points. Brad doesn’t know where any music festivals are. Finally, Alex proves he’s not ready for the weekend by butchering the week-in-review freestyle rap. Enjoy! GRFTW!

Today, Alex shared his thoughts about honest Abe’s body. Then, Alex blames Brad for MST3K going off the air. Brad and Alex play a little Bonnaroo before and after. Then, Alex puts some ranch on green bean casserole. Happy Thanksgiving! Get Ready For The Weekend!

Today, Brad likes Watchmen even though he doesn’t know what it is. Brad is blamed for a quarterback’s selfies. Indie Band Ivan failed to get a winner. Mr. Catwell had lots of cat puns about red carpet fashion from the American Music Awards. GRFTW!

Today, Alex blamed Brad for podcast porn. Then, Indie Band Ivan had a terrible game for some tickets. Finally, Alex ruined the week-in-review rap (again!). Get Ready For The Weekend!

Today, Alex admires a good looking printer. Alex also blames Brad for the dead pine tree that came through Chattanooga. Then, Indie Band Ivan plays a terrible game. Enjoy! Get Ready For The Weekend!